Public Hearing Scheduled for Vacatur Bill on 5/7!

We are so excited to share BIG news and a request for your support! SSUSA’s vacatur bill—LD 1381, An Act To Create a Post-judgment Mechanism To Provide Relief to Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking—has been scheduled for a public hearing before the Judiciary Committee this coming Tuesday, May 7th! This is shorter notice than we’d hoped for, but survivors are ready to show up and speak on our own behalf about the need for vacatur NOW!

We would like to formally invite all supporters to show solidarity with Maine’s survivors of sex trafficking and sexploitation by 1) attending the hearing in person to listen to survivors’ testimony and deliver your own supportive testimony, or 2) submitting testimony electronically as soon as possible.

If you need a reminder of why vacatur is so important, or talking points to guide your testimony, you can read more on our website about why a ‘clean slate’ is so critical for survivors to rebuild lives beyond sexploitation.

  • For those joining us in person, please RSVP to Executive Director dee Clarke as soon as you are able. The hearing will take place on Tuesday, May 7th at 1:30 pm in State House Room 438.

  • For those submitting testimony electronically, please be aware that you must now use the legislative website’s new online submission form, found here.

  • We will be tweeting from the hearing room, so follow the hashtag #VacaturIsFreedom to join in the conversation.

Thank you for your support of this important bill that was envisioned and written by survivors—the first of its kind in Maine! We hope to see you on Tuesday. Please reach out with any questions!

LD 1381 is SSUSA's Vacatur Bill!

We want to make supporters & allies aware that SSSUSA’s vacatur bill has been assigned to a legislative committee! LD 1381, "An Act To Create a Post-judgment Mechanism To Provide Relief to Victims of Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking" has been assigned to the Judiciary Committee. You can read the bill text here. We will be sharing more updates about lobbying soon, but are excited to have a bill officially under consideration by the legislature. It is the first anti-trafficking bill that addresses urgent needs of the Forgotten Women created by survivors ourselves, and we are very proud of it!

LD 1381.png